This event is intended for those 12 years old and up. No kids pricing is available. Bring your under 12 year olds AT YOUR OWN RISK.  Anyone under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult. We reserve the right to refuse anyone admission for any reason at our discretion.​

This will not be short-lived!  Prepare for that & weather! 
The haunted woods & maze will take you about an hour to successfully navigate and involves a lot of walking.  It is not recommended for those with difficulty

walking long distances, heart trouble, epilepsy, or children under the age of 12. Enter at your own risk!  Please wear appropriate foot wear for this occasion. This is an outdoor event and is subject to changes in weather, and lighting conditions. Please wear appropriate clothing/footwear due to uneven ground. No flip flops allowed.

Things flash. Things WILL scare you. (...DUH!)

There are flashing strobe lights and lots of startle effects. Although we cannot control the true spooks on our property, (Including Hillary Clinton!), the added effects can cause dizziness and disorientation...and so can Hillary Clinton!  As mentioned, anyone who has heart trouble, epilepsy, or other movement sensitivies are advised to consider the risks before exploring our haunts.

It's our job to scare people.
  • We would appreciate you helping others to get out alive instead of causing them additional harm, also...
  • Do NOT assault our actors!  You are paying them to scare you.  They are supposed to be interactive with you & mean no harm.
  • Some of our actors are current members of our military & local law enforcement agencies.  Do you feel LUCKY?
  • Security cameras are in place & record 24/7 with possible live-streams.  Do not attempt to assault our actors or vandalize our property in any way...let's just say we "specialize in cruel & unusual punishment"...and just leave it at that!

Seriously, just don't do the following - Just. Don't.

Absolutely no drugs or alcohol allowed. Absolutely no weapons of any kind allowed. Absolutely no smoking anywhere in the maze. Dry leaves/forest/grass and fire do not mix. Violators of any of the above will be escorted off the premises with no refund.


Halloween Haunts, LLC is not responsible for your vehicle anywhere on our property.  Please drive carefully and lock your vehicle. Halloween Haunts is not responsible for items lost in the wooded maze. Please leave cell phones and other valuables in your car or at home.

        Janet Riley Webmaster

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